Breakthrough Treatment for Patients with Emphysema, a form of COPD

Have you been diagnosed with COPD and still have severe shortness of breath that prevents you from doing simple daily activities like walking, bathing, and having a better quality of life? Have medications and other treatments, like oxygen, stopped helping? A Zephyr Specialist can determine if you have emphysema, a form of COPD.

The Zephyr Valve is a treatment option that has been clinically proven to help emphysema patients breathe easier, do more, and enjoy a better quality of life.1  

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The Zephyr Valve is not another medication or surgery that requires cutting or incisions. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a bronchoscope to place tiny valves in your airways. Watch this video to see how the procedure works.

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Complications of the Zephyr Endobronchial Valve treatment can include but are not limited to pneumothorax, worsening of COPD symptoms, hemoptysis, pneumonia, dyspnea and, in rare cases, death.1

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