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Until recently, there were few treatment options for COPD and emphysema to help patients who have reached the limit of what help medications and supplemental oxygen can deliver — the only options were highly invasive treatments, such as lung volume reduction surgery or a lung transplant. The Zephyr Valve is clinically proven to help emphysema patients breathe easier, do more, and enjoy life1

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Learn More About The Zephyr Valve

It may be time to talk to your doctor or a pulmonologist about whether a new treatment option for emphysema is right for you.

Benefits & Risks

In a clinical study1, patients treated with the Zephyr Valve compared to patients on medication alone were able to:

Lungs Healthy Breath Zephyr

Breathe easier due to improved lung function

Walking Health Lungs Breathe

Increase their exercise — they could walk farther

Daily Activities Lung Health

Do more daily life activities, such as walking, bathing, and gardening

More Energy Lung Health Quality of Life

Enjoy a better quality of life with more energy

Confidence Quality of Life Lungs

Feel more confident leaving their home


Complications of the Zephyr Endobronchial Valve treatment can include but are not limited to pneumothorax, worsening of COPD symptoms, hemoptysis, pneumonia, dyspnea and, in rare cases, death.1

Prescriptive Information

Patient Stories

The Zephyr Valve improves patients' quality of life and allows them to do more1

Zephyr Carl Story 1

“Just four weeks after getting the Zephyr Valves, I walked my daughter down the aisle oxygen free! It was one of the best moments of my life.”– Bill

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